Classic VW battle, The Short History

VW beetle classicThe VW Beetle started made in the 1930s. It was to begin with the idea of Adolf Hitler who needed to make nation’s car that was low-priced enough to be inexpensive by almost everybody, and would carry the average German family. So, the classic VW Beetle was making. It has had many another model conversions the years but the first Beetle shape has changed small. It was never a fast car. It was planned for another thing than speed, especially reliability and cheap motoring, and both of those it reached praise worthily.

Even now the car is a prized possession of anyone who loves classic design. The new versions being released only recently exemplify how the Beetle will always be a popular make of car for anyone who wants a reliable vehicle that looks stylish and is kitted out with the ultimate in comfort. It’s no racing car, that’s for sure, but because of that it’s also something you’ll feel safe and secure in, before and after you’ve popped onto rac.co.uk or your local equivalent to ensure that it’s taken care of whilst on the road.

It’s also often featured in films, especially those about the sixties, and by Herbie, the famous car who was able to move around and communicate without any help! Like the cadillac, the limo and the Hummer, the Beetle is an instantly recognisable car that many people love, and as it currently embarks on its design renaissance in the form of the new series of models it’ll only get more popular.

It’s known for it is simple air cooled set up got on motor which is one of the most dependable motors ever built up, and as is basic configuration of that motor was utilized from the first VW Beetle for an awful 40 years with little change. The fundamentals of the car and chassis were really simple. Provide with a 4 speed manual and did 0 – 50 in somewhere about 13 – 15 seconds, but it was never expanded to be fast. It had good fuel using up of 32 mpg, something that would be the envy of some drivers of more recent cars, and a simple 4 stroke 4 piston chamber motor.

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  1. wow.. this old car but many people still like it much.. hohoho

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